To learn to apply the CI tools yourself,I can deliver training and workshops and support you in application of these CI tools within your company and the team to the following topics:

  • How to give direction to the organisation and the team (Vandendriesche,Hoshin Kanri, Shopfloormanagement,Change Management, Leading without commanding);
  • Leader standard work (….)(Job Instruction, Job Relation, Job Methods, Coachingkata,Gemba);
  • Structural Problemsolving(PDCA, DMAIC, Is-Is Not,
  • Generating and implementing improvements (Ideamanagement,Improvement Kata);
  • Prozessoptimalisation(Finding Losses and improvements, Makigami,Value Streammapping);
  • Workoptimisation andStandardisation (Poka Yoka, Standardisation principles, SMED,5S).